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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

365 days for product return *

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

365 days for product return *

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

365 days for product return *

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Diablo Chairs stroe offers various convenient payment and shipping methods. Feel free to choose those which are the most convenient for you.

Shipping methods

Your order is ready for shipping in 48 hours. Products included in promotional offers and sales are covered by the same delivery terms as non-promotional products. Shipments are delivered on business days, usually between 7 AM and 3 PM. It all depends on the place of delivery, weather conditions and the deliveryman himself. We send pre-ordered products within the period specified in the product card.


The return cost of Diablo Chairs products which are not subject to a complaint is covered by the customer, as well as other situations specified in the Regulations. Find out more

Chairs and desk shipping prices:

Country Diablo Chairs Kids Size, Normal Size and desk Diablo Chairs King Size
Austria12 EUR17 EUR
Belgium13 EUR19 EUR
Bulgaria17 EUR23 EUR
Czech Republic8 EUR14 EUR
Croatia (mainland)15 EUR17 EUR
Denmark12 EUR18 EUR
Estonia14 EUR19 EUR
Finland21 EUR27 EUR
France (mainland) 15 EUR 21 EUR
France II (Corsica) 37 EUR 43 EUR
Germany 8 EUR 14 EUR
Greece31 EUR36 EUR
Hungary10 EUR16 EUR
Ireland22 EUR27 EUR
Italy15 EUR21 EUR
Lithuania10 EUR16 EUR
Luxembourg12 EUR18 EUR
Lativa11 EUR17 EUR
Netherlands12 EUR18 EUR
Poland5 EUR5 EUR
Portugal (mainland)20 EUR26 EUR
Portugal II (Açores, Madeira)136 EUR219 EUR
Romania15 EUR21 EUR
Slovakia9 EUR15 EUR
Slovenia14 EUR20 EUR
Spain (mainland)20 EUR26 EUR
Spain II (Balears)81 EUR93 EUR
Sweden17 EUR23 EUR

Gadgets shipping prices:

Country Shipping costs
Austria7 EUR
Belgium9 EUR
Bulgaria14 EUR
Czech Republic6 EUR
Croatia (mainland)10 EUR
Denmark8 EUR
Estonia11 EUR
Finland18 EUR
France (mainland) 12 EUR
France II (Corsica)34.5 EUR
Germany 7 EUR
Greece20 EUR
Hungary13 EUR
Ireland19 EUR
Italy13 EUR
Lithuania8 EUR
Luxembourg8 EUR
Lativa9 EUR
Netherlands8 EUR
Portugal (mainland)17 EUR
Portugal II (Açores, Madeira)43 EUR
Romania13 EUR
Slovakia7 EUR
Slovenia11 EUR
Spain (mainland)18 EUR
Spain II (Balears)51 EUR
Sweden14 EUR

Estimated shipping time in working days:

Country Shipping time
Austriaup to 2 days
Belgiumup to 3 days
Bulgariaup to 4 days
Czech Republicup to 2 days
Croatia (mainland)up to 4 days
Denmarkup to 3 days
Estoniaup to 3 days
Finlandup to 7 days
France (mainland)up to 4 days
Germanyup to 2 days
Greeceup to 5 days
Hungaryup to 2 days
Irelandup to 4 days
Italyup to 4 days
Lithuaniaup to 3 days
Luxembourgup to 2 days
Lativaup to 3 days
Netherlandsup to 3 days
Polandup to 1 days
Portugal (mainland)up to 5 days
Romaniaup to 3 days
Slovakiaup to 2 days
Sloveniaup to 3 days
Spain (mainland)up to 4 days
Swedenup to 5 days
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