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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

365 days for product return *

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Every player wants his gaming setup to be original and unique. In order to personalize your computer station and give it a unique character, you need a properly fitted gaming chair. The original design will surely make every room, office or gaming room undergo a spectacular metamorphosis.

Original emblems, massive silhouette, distinctive colors - each Diablochairs gaming chair has its own unique character that will enrich and change the gaming stand. One look is enough to feel the unique emotions, so well known from virtual games.

We focused on solid materials, careful workmanship, ergonomics and magnetic design. Our gaming chairs combine comfort, convenience and health-promoting solutions into a designer whole. A properly matched gaming chair will make your computer stand even more original and fully tailored to you.

We have designed our gaming chairs with extreme care, thanks to which they provide maximum comfort during everyday games, study or work. Ergonomic design, a package of reliable adjustments, soft armrests or elastic foam adapting to the shape and pressure of the figure is just the beginning, because each Diablochairs gaming chair was created with the most important needs of players' silhouettes in mind.


We create our gaming chairs to ensure comfort and safety for everyone, regardless of height or figure. That is why most models are available in three sizes: KIDS, NORMAL and KING.

Each Diablo KIDS model is a safe and stable swivel chair for children, with which everyday play or learning becomes extremely exciting and comfortable, and the sitting position protects the children from the formation or aggravation of posture defects.

Gaming chairs in the NORMAL version were created for players measuring up to 180 cm, and the KING version are larger models, intended for those who are more than 170 cm tall. A clear size chart and our team of consultants are irreplaceable help in choosing the right size.


We focused on safety and comfort. Our gaming chairs have a carefully designed, fully safe structure that provides a lot of comfort and effectively prevents any negative consequences of prolonged sitting in a sitting position. Ergonomic headrests and lumbar cushions, armrests covered with soft foam, strong and stable bases, and also packages of reliable adjustments - all this makes each gaming chair from Diablochairs a necessary gaming item and excellent support during work or study.


Energetic green? Deep red? Or maybe snow white? Diablochairs gaming chairs are available in many colors, so you can choose one, unique, in your favorite color among them.

We meet the expectations. We have designed both eco-leather and fabric gaming chairs, which gives you even more choice. With Diablo chairs, you will sit exactly the way you want!


Diablochairs gaming chairs combine into a mesmerizing whole a number of innovative technical solutions and an intriguing design that will change the interior of any room. Choose your gaming chair and see that each game can be even more exciting and extraordinary.

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