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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

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→ 2-year warranty for gaming chairs

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Kid's Chair Diablo X-One 2.0 Kids Size: black-white


Kid's Chair Diablo X-One 2.0 Kids Size: black-white


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Here is an innovative desk chair for children which we have designed for the youngest who are max. 150 cm tall. The Diablo X-One model in the KIDS SIZE version provides individual comfort to the little ones. If you are looking for ergonomic solutions suited to the figure for your child, be sure to get to know our groundbreaking gaming chair.

We have combined reliable technical innovations with dynamic styling. Now your child will enjoy unique comfort in a version that gives children's rooms an unusual gaming character.

Discover the package of ergonomic technical solutions provided by our children's chair and see that Diablo X-One is an excellent choice for your child's health and safety.

Many years of comfort

E-learning, doing homework or having fun in front of the computer screen is very comfortable now. We have lined the entire upholstery with the maximum amount of soft HR foam. Diablo X-One even after many years of use will remain soft and free from dents or deformations. It will always provide your child with the highest comfort.

Ergonomic headrest

Proper position at the desk while playing, studying or doing homework is a guarantee of a healthy back. We took care of your child's silhouette and equipped the Diablo X-One desk chair with an adjustable headrest. It actively supports the cervical spine in maintaining a safe position and prevents the head from tilting into an incorrect position. Thanks to the comfortable headrest filled with soft HR foam, your little one will avoid obtaining a harmful position.

Lumbar pillow

Your kid's lower spine will be supported by an innovative lumbar pillow at each backrest with which the back will automatically assume a safe position. The shape, adjustable height and soft HR foam filling make the lower part of the child's spine perfectly protected against the formation or worsening of posture defects. The sitting position is natural and comfortable.

Armtech ™ Vertical SoftTouch armrests

Modern armrests with reliable up-down adjustment are especially important for providing safety to your child's body. Support for the shoulders, forearms and wrists stabilizes the entire position and facilitates a safe and comfortable posture. The upper of the armrests is filled with foam, which makes it extremely soft and provides a comfortable support for the forearms.

Tilttech system ™ Butterfly

The modern height adjustment system will make it easy to adjust the seat height to the kid's height and the level of the desk. This will not only provide him with comfort, but also make it easier for the body to adjust to the position determined by the lumbar pillow and headrest. The backrest can be folded up to 140 ° and locked at any point, as the Tilttech ™ Swing safety function provides your child with much fun

Reinforced construction

With a reinforced structure and a solid, five-pointed base, the Diablo X-One kid's desk chair will ensure your kid with a completely safe and stable position even during intense movement or rocking. The reliable 4th class lift provides excellent cushioning thanks to the built-in Air Damper ™ System. Modern PFC ™ 360 65 mm casters are equipped with rims. Their rubber cover makes the floor surface in a kid's room effectively protected against scratches.

Reliable quality, durability and a guarantee of many years of comfort and safety is provided by the BIFMA durability certificate. Thanks to it you can be sure that Diablo X-One meets the highest standards of manufacturing.

Using the experience of specialists we have created a desk chair that will actively protect the body of the youngest and provide them with comfort and security. However, we know that children's rooms reflect the individual characters of the little ones. That is why the Diablo X-One model has been designed to diversify the interior with a unique gaming character.

Innovative 4th generation HDS ™ PU leatherette

With the Diablo X-One model, many years of comfort and ergonomics is waiting for your child. We took care of practical solutions that are particularly important in products intended for children. The IV generation HDS ™ leatherette upholstery is a reliable, easy-to-clean material that will surprise you with its exceptional abrasion resistance. Thanks to the stitching with strong threads, the leatherette is properly stretched ensuring its perfect look for many years.

The Power of OneVision ™ Design

The combination of deep black and expressive white will diversify the interior of any kid's room. The bucket structure and expressive Diablo emblems decorating the grilles and upholstery will make each room take on a unique individual character. The sporty dynamic silhouette will make your kid delight at the first sight with his new gaming chair.

Bet on an original combination of technical innovations and unusual design in the Diablo style. Trust our experience and choose a children's chair that will provide your child with comfort, safety and a huge dose of emotions.

Kid's Chair Diablo X-One 2.0 Kids Size: black-white
size size

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